By purchasing these masks, you are making a donation to communities in need, including essential workers. M1 Supplies donates 100 masks per week to a local business/service, with this purchase you help us grow that number beyond our 100 mask contribution. Your donated masks will be delivered by our team directly to the business/service in need.

  • Fabrics may vary: 100% Cotton, Cotton Blends

  • Facial covers are double-sided, with an opening to insert a filter (a tissue can be used if other forms of filtration are unavailable)

  • These are non-medical grade facial covers. They are designed to be used when N-95 respirator masks or formal surgical masks are not required or unavailable.

  • We do not claim medical benefits with these face covers

    Warning: Wearing a non-medical mask in the community has not been proven to protect the person wearing it from being exposed to or contracting the Covid-19 virus. It is, rather, an additional measure you can take to protect others around you. Strict hygiene and public health measures, including frequent hand washing and physical (social) distancing, will reduce your chance of being exposed to the virus.